Phew! Can we all take a moment to breathe

and recap everything that has happened in the last 4 weeks?!

For starters, school is back in session. That means early mornings, kiddos who are indecisive on what they want for breakfast, the joy of packing lunches, hassle of getting all the kids dressed, finding their shoes, and getting out the door… ALL TIMES 4 (because it’s me VS 4 kids lol. I honestly get a 6-shot white mocha to handle all of it). It also means we have moved into an apartment (Yay! As of 9/8/19, we longer are staying in our camper!) and have begun the processing of buying our next home.

As many of you know, I took a much-needed break to spend time with my family and to celebrate my birthday. It was from 8/31 – 9/9. I don’t ever take breaks and have a hard time staying away from work (guilty of being a workaholic), but my husband insisted. He even flew in my bestest friend from Missouri as a surprise! I have been working a LOT over the summer with wedding season and everything else in between. I really needed this break, so Thank You to those with kind words and all the Happy Birthday’s! (and yes, if you posted about galleries / or anything negative/unnecessary in FB comments- they are hidden and no longer visable. Sorry, but I don't allow FB comments that bring a negative vibe. I believe in keeping those private.)

For those who are frustrated with my personal life, I apologize. I know I’m not perfect and I know I have things to improve on with my business. It’s all about adapting and overcoming. I never ever could have imagined that my business would be as big as it is now. I didn’t plan for it and am learning as I go with how to deal with a growing business, the high demand, and the amount of work that goes into it all. I’m doing all of this by myself, I don’t have someone helping me nor do I out-source my work/editing.

I want to put this out there- I do not rush editing photos. I take my time. Why? Because I want your photos to be perfect. It really is an art. Not many realize how many hours are put into editing. I don’t just take the picture and apply a filter. When I take a picture, that’s just the very beginning. From there, I take the SD card and sort the photos. I literally go through every. single. one. and pick out the best ones for editing. After that, the picture is put into Lightroom where I have to adjust the shadows, highlights, color tones, cropping, effects, etc. etc. etc. Then I send it into Photoshop where I take care of any imperfections, I make your eyes look sharper, I make the sun shine brighter, and I create all those little things that are my signature look (the reason you hired me). You guys, it’s a lot. It’s a lot of hours of make sure that I give you the photos you want. I don’t rush the editing nor do I do things half-way.

I run my business at the same time that I’m running my home. If I could hire an assistant, I most definitely would. Do I think I’m demonstrating poor business skills? No, I think I’m demonstrating a business being ran by a mother of 4 young children who has been living in a 33’ camper all summer while trying to do 100+ hrs of work crammed into a few hours at night and hasn’t had space nor a babysitter to be able to work and doesn’t sleep much or has to pull all-nighters because that’s when everyone is asleep (so work gets done then) and there’s no time for breaks, vacations, or sick days…... I’m demonstrating to my kids that you have to work hard for what you want, but I’m also demonstrating that it’s okay that life happens.


And I also want you guys to know this- I hear you. I hear your concerns and frustrations and I do my best to handle them accordingly.

Gallery turn-around times (8-9 weeks) are something mentioned in my policies, and I frequently give an update via email or on my FB page. Does this mean I’m going to be able to reply back to every single person messaging me about their galleries? Unfortunately No, but what I do is make a general post on my FB with an update so that it answers multiple people at once. Even one "quick reply" to someone isn't so quick because it turns into a conversation, or there's a large amount of "quick replies." Have you heard the phrase "two birds, one stone"? Well posting a FB msg (which is answering multiple people) is exactly that- It's working smarter, not harder. Can galleries sometimes be late? Yes. Can galleries sometimes be early? Yes. Can you expedite galleries (completed + delivered within 72 hours)? Yes (with an expedite fee). What about model-calls or something that was done for free (such as a portfolio build or videography build)? Free shoots, model-calls, and portfolio build’s are something that are completed in my free time (when there is any).

As mentioned on my website, and will hereby be the ONLY way I run my business, here is how it works:

1)  We have an initial meeting (can be done in-person, via phone, or FaceTime). We will go over what your goals/expectations are for the shoot, decide on a location, and set a date.

2)  Your session day comes, we have fun playing around catching both posed and candid memories.

3)  2 weeks later I will show you the prelim edits. You will be able to choose which photos you’d like for the finals. We can discuss methods of delivery such as online digitals and/or products (albums, prints, etc).

4)  2-4 weeks later, you’ll receive an online gallery and can download the hi-res images right to your computer. If you ordered anything, either they’ll be ready for delivery (by yours truly) or I’ll have an updated delivery date.

*I will be back ‘in the office’ starting 09/10/19*