Arrival Date

Hospital, home, water, or c-section delivery (with hospital's permission).


Fresh 24

Usually done within baby's first 24 hours of being born. They're still fresh, squishy faced, and you're glowing from all the love you're feeling.


Birth to 1 year

From the moment baby is born, all the way to baby's first birthday. I will capture milestones:

-Birth / Fresh 24
-1 month
-3 months
-6 months
-9 months
-1 year

Contact me


how does it work?

To book with me, we will meet and go over the details. I want to know your due date, your birth plan, and your expectations/limitations. I will check in on you regularly after 34 weeks to see how you're doing and if there's a chance baby will come early. Up to 3 weeks from your due date, I will have my phone by me at all times (on call). When you go into labor, you (or someone you delegate) will call me. I will base my arrival off many factors. Typically when you're about 4cm is when I will arrive. If it's a planned c-section, I'll be there about 2 hours before surgery time.


Since I'm on-call close to your due date, only 1/2 is due at time of booking. The other 1/2 will be collected after baby is born.