Pricing Guide



Starting at $375



Starting at $225



Starting at $300


Events are held in a house or hotel.
There's snacks, beverages, and wardrobe options. You'll be pampered, get your makeup & hair done, and receive a gift!

Starting at $495


What is included in each session?

There will be snacks, beverages, and you will get your hair and makeup done.

What should I bring?

You'd be surprised what can be included in a boudoir session! From pizza, to ties, all the way to sports jerseys. I believe in being bold and having fun with it! Bring your heels, favorite jewelry, and a few pieces of lingerie. It's also fun to bring one of your significant other's clothing items (such as a shirt or baseball cap).

When will I receive my photos?

2 weeks after your session we will meet up, choose your favorites, and place any product orders. 4-6 weeks later you will receive your final images and products.